AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysupgpkg: gotify-server-bin 2.1.4-1canony
2021-12-07upgpkg: gotify-server-bin 2.1.3-1canony
2021-09-27Install example config as a copycanony
2021-09-27Fix patch filecanony
2021-09-27Bump to 2.1.0canony
2021-08-02Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2021-08-02Modified upstream AUR package for MPRcanony
2021-08-02Modified upstream AUR package for MPRcanony
2021-07-06Bump to 2.0.23buckket
2021-06-01Bump to 2.0.22buckket
2021-03-22Bump to 2.0.21buckket
2020-10-07Bump to 2.0.20buckket
2020-09-27Bump to 2.0.19buckket
2020-09-13Fix checksum for config.example.ymlbuckket
2020-09-13Bump to 2.0.18buckket
2020-08-26Bump to 2.0.17buckket
2020-07-09Bump to 2.0.16buckket
2020-03-11Bump to 2.0.14buckket
2020-01-14Bump to 2.0.13buckket
2019-12-05Bump to 2.0.12buckket
2019-11-23Bump to 2.0.11buckket
2019-10-16Fix outdated checksumbuckket
2019-10-16Bump to 2.0.9buckket
2019-08-17Bump to 2.0.6buckket
2019-04-19Install example config filebuckket
2019-04-18Add glibc dependencybuckket
2019-04-18Initial commitbuckket