AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 daysupdate to 0.3.43D3SOX
2021-12-14update to 0.3.41D3SOX
2021-11-11update to 0.3.40D3SOX
2021-10-25update to 0.3.39D3SOX
2021-10-01update to 0.3.38D3SOX
2021-09-18update to 0.3.36, fix missing make dependenciesD3SOX
2021-09-18update to 0.3.35D3SOX
2021-08-30update to 0.3.34D3SOX
2021-08-18update to 0.3.33D3SOX
2021-07-21update to 0.3.32D3SOX
2021-07-06always cd into $srcdirD3SOX
2021-07-06fix meson version constraintD3SOX
2021-07-06add required meson versionD3SOX
2021-07-06make it possible to replace existing pipewire pkgsD3SOX
2021-07-06add providesD3SOX
2021-07-06initial commitD3SOX