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8 daysMigrate for MakeDebMisha Klopukh
2021-08-30v92.2.350Dmytro Meleshko
2021-07-18v96.1.349Dmytro Meleshko
2021-07-11v96.0.348Dmytro Meleshko
2021-07-04use HTTPS for downloadsDmytro Meleshko
2020-08-27v95.0Dmytro Meleshko
2019-03-01update by lilaclilac
2019-02-22update by lilaclilac
2018-08-03update by lilaclilac
2018-04-02update by lilaclilac
2018-03-26update by lilaclilac
2017-12-14update by lilaclilac
2017-12-12powder-toy update to 92.5Jiachen Yang
2017-09-24update by lilaclilac
2017-09-21update by lilaclilac
2017-09-05update by lilaclilac
2017-08-07update by lilaclilac
2017-07-25powder-toy 92.0.331Jiachen Yang
2017-07-24update by lilaclilac
2017-06-06apply no sse patch from Ryan FarleyJiachen Yang
2016-08-09powder-toy release 91.5Jiachen Yang
2016-04-05update by lilaclilac
2016-03-07update to 91.0Jiachen Yang
2015-08-10takeover powder-toyJiachen Yang